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The island of Mindoro consists of 2 provinces, Oriental (East) and Occidental (West).

As disclaimer, the websites are not a business enterprise to make any profit, simply a private individual experienced in website and web server operations offering to promote and better exposure for the real estate industry of Mindoro. Any requests for payment of advertising is for the purpose of maintaining the expenses of operation ie: website hosting, domain name registration, communications with clients etc.

Balitang Pinas, Mindoro Real Estate Listings Network and Travel Mindoro consists of 3 websites, Dulangan.com being the primary portal which aggregates news stories and promotes Mindoro online to major search engines, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc attracting both local and foreign people to the provinces. The Real Estate listings website is focused on promoting private owned properties for sale, rent or wanted in the 2 provinces.

Dulangan.com is highly rated on all the international search engines since 2008. A simple search of Dulangan.com will produce first page results on every search engine results. Additionally, Dulangan.com, through Aldanmar Apartments “on the beach” aldanmar.dulangan.com is listed on hundreds, or thousands of websites, rental and real estate agencies all over the world. It is a primary source of “factual”, aggregated online news from the Philippines since 2012.

The website has never and will never become a revenue source from commercial commission advertising. You will never see advertisements from Google, Lazada or any business based outside Mindoro. Small to medium business owners, private citizens and real estate agents within Mindoro are welcome to advertise at the prevailing rates.

The following Mindoro Real Estate Searches are currently operational and accepting listings:

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San Teodoro Real Estate Listings

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Calapan City Real Estate Listings

Naujan Real Estate Listings

Victoria Real Estate Listings

Socorro Real Estate Listings

Pola Real Estate Listings

Pinamalayan Real Estate Listings


There is a small operational fee after a property is listed with automated payment online (Paypal/Credit Card) or alternative to pay cash via any money transfer. We are flexible negotiate a payment on the sale of property so just get in contact via email realestate@dulangan.com, facebook https://www.facebook.com/mindoro.realestate.listings

Professional Registered Real Estate Agents should make direct contact to avail of discounted bulk listings.

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