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Skilled Jobs Abroad!

  • keithphillips

    1st Northern International Placement Inc has vacancies for the following skilled positions. All candidates are to pay for their own medical, training, trade assessment & placement fee which is equivalent to 1 month of their offered salary.

    . Massage Therapist w/ NC II (Female)
    . Project Engineer
    . Superintendent
    . Chief Workshop
    . Reclamation General
    . Reclamation Officer
    . Reclamation Operator
    . Reclamation Workers
    . Transportation Operator
    . QA/QC officer
    . Accountant
    . Lineman
    . Machine Operator
    . Crane Operator
    . Truck Driver

    . Kitchen Crew (Male)
    . Service Crew(Male)
    . Restaurant Supervisor (Male)

    Qatar (All Female):
    . Dental Nurse w/ prometric
    . Derma Nurse w/ prometric
    . Homecare Nurse w/prometric
    . Clinic Nurse

    USA (Male and Female):
    . Registered Nurse
    * Preferably with previous petition or PD
    * NCLEX Passer, IELTS Passer
    * At least 2years working experience

    Age: 23-35yrs (1st timer), ex abroad 36-37yrs. All applicants must have at least 1-2 yrs relevant work experience.

    . Photo Resume
    . Passport valid for 2 yrs
    . COE
    . Degree/Transcript of Records/Vocational Certs

    Interested applicants should call/text 09270333496 (Globe) / 09282797527 (Smart)

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